Nier: Automata Players Are Losing It Over A Secret Room, And No One Knows How To Get In

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Nier: Automata players are collectively losing their minds over a room. It’s not just any room: No one, save for seemingly one person, has been able to access it. Even the player who discovered the chamber doesn’t appear to know how to enter it, which makes the whole thing extra confounding.

It makes a certain degree of sense that Nier: Automata is still rife with secrets, given that the base game, a totemic action-RPG from PlatinumGames, is enigmatic enough on its own right before you factor in the mess of fan intervention. First released in 2017, Nier: Automata demanded you play through it multiple times to unlock its many endings. Also, you can see one of those endings by way of eating a fish. Weird game!

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Yesterday, modder and dataminer Lance McDonald posted a clip to Twitter showing a player entering a room in the Copied City, an area in Nier: Automata known for its Bavarian architecture and absence of color. “No one else has worked out how they managed to make this secret door appear,” McDonald wrote. The video has picked up more than two millions views on Twitter; here’s the original:

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