All About Nicole Brown Simpson’s Parents, Juditha and Louis Brown

Nicole Brown Simpson was the daughter of Juditha and Louis Brown

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Lou Brown and Juditha Brown

Nicole Brown Simpson’s family is speaking out in the new Lifetime documentary, The Life & Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.

Timed to the 30th anniversary of Nicole’s murder in June 1994, the documentary features new interviews with Nicole’s three sisters, Denise, Dominique and Tanya Brown, as well as previously unseen footage of her and her family.

Born on May 19, 1959, Nicole was raised by her parents Juditha and Louis in Germany, before the family moved to the United States, primarily residing in Orange County, Calif.

Though Louis and Juditha died in 2014 and 2020, respectively, they were prominent figures during O. J. Simpson’s murder trial, where he was ultimately acquitted of the murders of Nicole and Ron Goldman in October 1995.

Additionally, Nicole’s father used his platform to speak out against domestic violence and even created the Nicole Brown Foundation to help victims.

Here’s everything to know about Nicole Brown Simpson’s parents.

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Juditha was from Germany

Juditha was born on Jan. 21, 1931, in Stuttgart, Germany. Even when her family moved to the United States, she “brought her European flair with her” and “loved sharing her German ways and fare, especially on holidays,” per her obituary.

Louis was from Kansas

Louis, meanwhile, was a Kansas native born on Aug. 10, 1923, just outside of Wichita. He enrolled in a business college in Texas, however, he left early as he served in World War II as an Army Air Force captain, per his obituary in The New York Times.

They met while Louis was in the Air Force

Following World War II, Louis continued to serve with the Air Force overseas. While flying photo missions in Europe, he met Juditha in the small town of Rollwald, per the Los Angeles Times.

They eventually tied the knot in Switzerland and raised their first two daughters, Denise and Nicole, in Germany, where Louis worked at an American military newspaper called Stars and Stripes, before heading to the United States.

They raised their kids in Orange County

<p>Barry King/Alamy</p> Tanya Brown, Louis Brown, Dominique Brown and Juditha Brown

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Tanya Brown, Louis Brown, Dominique Brown and Juditha Brown

When Denise and Nicole were just toddlers, the family moved to Long Beach in California before purchasing a larger home in the Royal Palm Estates section of Garden Grove in northern Orange County, Calif.

Both Denise and Nicole attended Dana Hills High School, where Nicole was named homecoming princess by the football team in 1976 and the year prior, Denise had been named homecoming queen, per the Los Angeles Times.

Louis had four other children from his previous marriage

Louis was married once before his relationship with Juditha. Through his first marriage, he had four additional children, including a daughter named Wendy Kirk and two sons named Tracy Brown and Rolf Baur. He also was the father of a daughter named Margit Carr, who died in 1989, per The New York Times.

Juditha told Nicole’s children about her death

Speaking with PEOPLE, Nicole’s sister Dominique shared that it was Juditha who told Nicole’s children about her death. "She goes, ‘Mommy's in heaven,’” Dominique said of how her mother broke the tragic news to Nicole’s daughter Sydney, then 8, and son Justin, then 5.

Denise also recalled her mother’s heartbreaking reaction to the news of Nicole’s death. “The moment my mom got the phone call, I heard this screaming from my parents’ bedroom,” Denise recalled. “It was gut-wrenching. I had never heard anything like it before.”

She continued, “And I ran back to my parents' room and I just said, ‘Oh my God.’ My mom was on her knees and she had the phone in her hand. My dad was on his elbow looking at my mom, and she says, ‘Your sister's dead.’ I said, ‘What?’ I thought it was a prank.”

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Louis founded the Nicole Brown Foundation to help victims of domestic violence

Like Nicole’s sisters have paid tribute to her legacy by speaking out against domestic violence, her father did the same. In 1994, he created the Nicole Brown Foundation to help victims of domestic violence. He also helped co-write the 1997 book Stop Domestic Violence: An Action Plan for Saving Lives.

They were, at one point, the legal guardians of Nicole’s children

Following the death of Nicole, her two children were taken into custody by Juditha and Louis. The couple remained the children's guardians as Simpson was on trial for the murder of Nicole and Goldman. However, when Simpson was acquitted in 1995, Simpson was awarded full custody the following year, the Los Angeles Times reported at the time.

They were married for 58 years before Louis’ death

Juditha and Louis were married for over five decades before Louis died at age 90 after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. “My dad was a class act and a gentleman who was always there for us – and for Nicole,” his daughter Denise said at the time. “He was a great dad. We are all devastated that he is gone.”

“My dad had had Alzheimer’s for a while,” Denise continued. “When his condition took a turn for the worse last Wednesday, my mom called me and said to come home. I flew home from Italy as soon as she called. I got there at 6 p.m., and he passed away not even 12 hours later. My mom said he knew I was there. She said, ‘He waited for you to come home.’ He was at peace.”

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