Nicki Minaj Confronts Police as London Meet and Greet Goes Off the Rails

Nicki Minaj was seen confronting police in London during a crowded meet-up event on Monday, July 11, moments before a group of officers formed a phalanx around her.

The rapper performed at London’s Finsbury Park for the Wireless Festival on Sunday.

Minaj tried to hold a meet-up event with fans on Monday, but Camden Police said the event was ultimately canceled due to overcrowding.

This video posted by @ganjabrn shows fans gathering around Minaj as the star confronts police. In the video, Minaj says “the police should be doing their job and getting in front of this,” motioning toward an approaching crowd.

Later in the video, police are seen encircling her protectively as more fans approach.

Minaj posted to her Instagram and said, “Thank you to the officers for helping us so much today.” Credit: @ganjabrn via Storyful

Video transcript

NICKI MINAJ: [INAUDIBLE] all of this. I was just walking in a public street.


NICKI MINAJ: No, no, no-- listen. What I'm saying is-- excuse me. Can I come [INAUDIBLE].

- This is so [MUTED].

- Everyone stay here. Stay here.

- Whoa.

- This is [MUTED] crazy.


NICKI MINAJ: I was already up there already without all these [MUTED]. [INAUDIBLE].

- Tell them. Period.

- That's crazy, yo. She's [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah-- just randomly.

- There's Nicki and everybody [INAUDIBLE]. Oh my gosh-- my baby, Nicki, is right in front of me. Oh my [MUTED] god. Wow. I do not know what to say or what to do. Wow. Wow.


Wow. Wow.

- They're gonna run. They're gonna run. They're going to run.

- Everyone get a bodyguard.

- You guys gotta stop them.

NICKI MINAJ: The police should be doing their job and getting in front of them.

- Oh, my god.

- No-- stop, stop, stop. Stop, stop, stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop.

- He fell.


- Oh, my god.

- Stop, stop, stop.

- Hi, Nicki! Hi, Nicki! Hi, Nicki! Hi, Nicki! I love you so much! Hi, Nicki! Nicki! Nicki! Nicki, oh, my god! Oh, my god you're so pretty!


- Back up!

- Back up! Back up!

- Move back!

- Back up! Back up!

- Bro, what the [MUTED]?


Oh, my gosh.


- Nicki, I love you!

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