Is Nick Ponting's winning streak at risk of running out?

“Oooh,” Spy hears you ask, “whatever happened to former badminton mixed doubles world number one, Nick Ponting?”

The answer is a tale of snakes and ladders. After a star-studded career including representing Team GB at two Olympics and winning gold at the 1994 Commonwealth Games, Ponting opted for a career change and moved into the board games industry.

His business, now known as Ginger Fox, has served up a number of best-selling games over the years including “Don’t be a Dik Dik”, the “Calm your tits! Card game” and of course, the “We’re all gonna die party game.” Sounds fun.

But despite Ponting’s obvious ingenuity, it looks like Ginger Fox is now at risk of going bust. The firm’s assets have been put up for sale on an insolvency website, in search of an emergency buyer. So Ponting hasn’t quite aced his second act.

Ginger Fox did not respond to a request for comment.

 (Evening Standard)
(Evening Standard)

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