Nick Knowles slams trolls who says 'nasty things' about rumoured love interest

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Nick Knowles has been linked to a woman he was seen out with. (Getty)
Nick Knowles has been linked to a woman he was seen out with. (Getty)

Nick Knowles has hit out at trolls who have apparently suggested his rumoured new girlfriend is with him for the money.

The DIY SOS star, 59, has been romantically linked to 32-year-old Katie Dadzie after they were seen out together.

He previously posted a message on Twitter asking the "abusive trolls" attacking her: "What happened to #bekind?"

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And according to the Daily Star he has now spoken out to say how "upsetting" it is.

"If you put yourself on TV then you know you are going to get all that stuff. It is more upsetting for the people I am with," he was quoted as saying.

“Some of the nasty things that are said, and the implication that because she is younger that she is only interested in me for the money or whatever."

Nick Knowles attending The Sun Military Awards 2020 held at the Banqueting House, London.
Nick Knowles is well known for 'DIY SOS'. (PA)

Knowles said Dadzie owns property and has three businesses on the go, saying that she is "wealthier than me".

The TV star was seen out with Dadzie earlier this month.

He tweeted afterwards that he was "raging" about the reaction.

"The woman I was out to dinner with when we were papped is 32, has degrees in two subjects, runs 3 businesses, is a mother of 2, is wealthier & more successful than me & is intelligent & independent unlike the abusive trolls attacking her," he said.

"What happened to #bekind?"

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Father-of-four Knowles was previously married to wife Gillian but they split in 2000.

He tied the knot with girlfriend Jessica in 2012 but they went their separate ways in 2016.

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