Niall Horan calls Lewis Capaldi a ‘liar’ over documentary claim: ‘He did it for the cameras’

Niall Horan has called out Lewis Capaldi over a claim he made in his recent documentary film.

Last month, the “Forget Me” vocalist released a feature-length project titled How I’m Feeling Now on Netflix, in which he shared insight into his personal life and his Tourette’s syndrome diagnosis.

On Tuesday’s edition (2 May) of Scott Mills’ Radio 2 show, Horan spoke about his friend and fellow performer during a conversation about laundry.

When Mills asked the former One Direction star if he does his own washing, as Capaldi says he does in his film, Horan disputed the Scottish singer’s claim.

“He doesn’t do his own washing. I spoke to his mother the other night. He’s a liar!” Horan said.

“He maybe did it for the cameras... I swear to god, Carol [Capaldi, Lewis’s mother], I said to his mother the other day, ‘Does Lewis pop around to the house or are you in his flat in Glasgow often?’ She goes: ‘Yeah, when he hands me the washing.’”

Mills then offered that since Capaldi, 26, was seen interacting with a washing machine, he perhaps only washes his own underwear.

Horan, 29, concurred. “He probably has to do his own smalls ‘cause I wouldn’t hand his smalls to anyone else... smalls that not even a mother would love!”

Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi (Getty)
Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi (Getty)

The two singers have established a close friendship through their experiences in the music industry. Horan also mentioned that he bought Capaldi some golf clubs after he was influenced by his love for the sport.

“He said to me, I’ll never play golf, it’s an old man’s sport and it’s the worst sport ever,’” Horan recalled.

“And then about eight weeks later he was asking me where he could get a set of golf clubs so I got him a set... and I went to his gig a few weeks ago and I brought them with me and now every day he posts golf videos. He’s actually posting more about golf than I do and that’s saying something.”

Elsewhere in Capaldi’s documentary, he shared a risqué email he received from Elton John regarding his feelings of imposter syndrome.