Nhung Truong: $200k raised for woman left paralysed in mugging

A GoFundMe for a Texas woman who was paralysed after a robber attacked her has raised nearly $200,000.

Nhung Truong, 44, was walking in broad daylight when a robber attacked her at a shopping centre in Houston, Texas, on 13 February.

The Houston Police Department released a video of the attack, showing a man pushing and grabbing Ms Truong before slamming her into the ground and running off with an envelope full of money.

The robbery and attack left Ms Truong with a spinal cord injury that left her unable to walk, according to her daughter, Linh Thuy Duong, who has been updating the GoFundMe page with details on her mother's recovery.

"The doctors say that this injury has affected my mother's left leg, currently making her a disabled person," she wrote.

On Tuesday she revealed that doctors expect Ms Truong to need two or more years to fully recover from the attack.

Her daughter said the injury has left her unable to work, and that she needs "around-the-clock care."

The money raised on the page will go to covering Ms Truong's medical costs as she recovers.

"This news has been incredibly difficult for us, and it feels like our world has been turned upside down once again," Ms Truong wrote. "We love our mom more than anything, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that she receives the best possible care."

The robber took $4,300 that Ms Truong had been saving to take her immediate family to visit extended relatives in Vietnam, according to Fox26.

Police believe the attacker likely had been watching Ms Truong since she made her withdrawl and followed her to a spot where he could rob her.

The suspect is still at large, and is described as a Black male in his early 20s, between 5 foot 8 and 5 foot 9, and weighing approximately 140 pounds.