NFL player prop of the day: Rob Gronkowski can probably have at least one more good season

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Through two games last season, it looked like a mistake for Rob Gronkowski to come out of retirement. 

Gronk had two catches for 11 yards in the opener. In the second game, he was shut out. He had four targets in two games. This Tampa Bay Buccaneers experiment looked like it might end poorly. 

And then Gronk looked pretty good the rest of the way. It wasn't vintage Gronk, but it was still better than most tight ends. Over the last 14 games of the regular season, Gronkowski put up a 43-612-7 line. He was quieter in the playoffs, until an epic Super Bowl when he had 67 yards and two touchdowns. 

Not many players can come out of retirement and be one of the best at his position in the NFL, but Gronkowski is perhaps the greatest tight end ever. He should still have another good season to go. 

Rob Gronkowski added to his legacy last season. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
Rob Gronkowski added to his legacy last season. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

Rob Gronkowski was pretty good in his comeback

BetMGM's total for Gronkowski's receiving yards is just 475.5. That's low based on what he did last season. 

While acknowledging that more can go wrong with season-long player props than can go right, some things could go wrong and Gronkowski could still hit that over. After all, 475.5 yards is just 28 yards per game in a 17-game season. After that slow two-game start last season — which made total sense given that Gronkowski hadn't played in the preseason after a year off — Gronkowski averaged 43.7 yards per game. 

Even if Gronkowski takes a small step back from that, there's still enough cushion that he could hit the over. It's simply not a big number for a player as talented as Gronkowski, who has already shown he can still play at a pretty strong level. 

There are risks, as there are with any over on a player prop. Tom Brady could finally hit the wall (it will happen one of these years, allegedly). The Buccaneers might not pass as much if they're as good as everyone thinks. Gronkowski stayed healthy all last season, and that was a rarity (and a reason he retired) late in his New England Patriots career. Gronkowski is 32, coming off a very long season and maybe he had just enough left in the tank for one more memorable season. 

That's all in play, but the total is so low that it has accounted for plenty of that risk. And on top of it all, it's always fun to root for Gronk. 

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