NFL Mock Draft: 4 QBs off the board by pick No. 7?

Yahoo Sports NFL Writer Charles McDonald takes you through his latest NFL Mock Draft, and explains why he believes there will be an early flurry of quarterbacks in the first round.

Video transcript


CHARLES MCDONALD: Hey everybody, this is Charles McDonald. You can find me on Twitter @FOURVERTS. I'm an NFL columnist for Yahoo. And here are a few takeaways from my newest mock draft.

I think the big takeaway here, for me, four quarterbacks going in the top seven picks. We have first, C.J. Stroud from Ohio State going number two overall to the Texans. Fourth overall-- Bryce Young, quarterback from Alabama, going to the Indianapolis Colts. Sixth overall, which might be a little bit of a head-scratcher here for some people-- Anthony Richardson, quarterback from Florida, going to the Detroit Lions with the pick that they traded for of the Los Angeles Rams in the Matthew Stafford trade. And seventh overall, the Las Vegas Raiders are taking Will Levis, quarterback from Kentucky, to try and fill that void that is gone with Derek Carr moving on to another team, as he was just released last week.

So this is a bit different, right? I mean, we're talking about four quarterbacks going in the top seven picks of the draft. And I think when you look at the narrative around them, I don't think we're talking about these guys as high as we were with Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields and, maybe even to a wrong degree, Zach Wilson, who we were talking about a couple of years ago. But compared to last year's class, this is definitely a step forward, when you only had one first-round quarterback last year in Kenny Pickett going 28th overall. And now we have four in the top seven picks. And these four guys, they're all flawed, but they all have their chances and a pathway for them to end up as bona fide starting quarterbacks in the NFL. I think we're going to see that translated when they do go pretty high in the draft.

I'm not saying that my mock draft is correct, but I do think that when we get to the end of the draft process, these four guys will end up going pretty high in the draft. If you care about more than just quarterbacks, the real football players, then you can check out the rest of my mock draft on Yahoo Sports. You can follow me on Twitter, again, @FOURVERTS. And we'll be back with more mock drafts throughout the draft season.