NFL betting: Someone wagers $650K on Rams to beat Titans on Sunday night

·1-min read

There's a bettor out there really confident that the Los Angeles Rams are going to take care of a Tennessee Titans team without Derrick Henry.

A bettor at BetMGM has placed a $650,000 bet on the Rams to win Sunday night's game. Since the bet is on the moneyline — the Rams just have to win straight up — the odds are at -325. If the Rams win the game, the bettor will net $200,000. If they lose, well, that money is gone. 

The Rams are 7.5-point favorites to beat the Titans on "Sunday Night Football." If you bet the Rams to win by more than 7 points, you'd get odds of -110 and come close to doubling your money if they covered. 

As of Friday, the Rams were getting two thirds of the bets against the spread and over 80% of the money wagered on the spread. The Rams were also getting nearly 80% of the money on the moneyline — a percentage that has surely gone up since that massive bet.

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