NFL betting, odds: Here’s your Thanksgiving Week 12 NFL teaser

The NFL Week 12 betting board looks enticing. However, from a teaser perspective, there are some options you should avoid. Here’s how to put together an NFL teaser during Thanksgiving week.

As a reminder, here are some general guidelines to follow if you are wagering on NFL teasers to keep risk in check.

  • Stick to six-point teasers (you need to win more consistently to offset the higher price).

  • Keep it to a two-team teaser (the more pieces you add, the greater the risk).

  • Target lower-totaled games (the more points expected, the more variance involved).

  • Tease through the key numbers of three and seven (this approach is at the heart of all proven winning strategies).

Teaser legs to avoid

In Week 12, there are a few options that don’t follow the guideline of teasing through key numbers, but will surely tempt bettors to pay a hefty -140 price for a 7-point teaser. That is terrible in the long run because now you have to win at an even higher clip in order to justify the amount spent. Some options that will tempt you include:

Bills -9.5 at Lions, 54

Cowboys -9.5 vs. Giants, 45.5

49ers -9.5 vs. Saints, 43

Don’t pay for the heavy juice. If you are inclined to play any of these games, you can consider a moneyline parlay (a three-team ML parlay is -120), or you can look to in-game wager and possibly get a better spread for a single wager.

Current Week 12 teaser leg options

Following teaser strategy, this week’s options include:

Patriots +8.5 at Vikings, 42.5

Panthers +8 vs. Broncos, 36

Titans +8 vs. Bengals, 42.5

Steelers +8.5 vs. Colts, 39

Week 12 NFL teaser to bet: Panthers +8 and Patriots +8.5

All four legs are fine options simply because of the low-point totals. The Panthers are moving on from Baker Mayfield for the time being and starting Sam Darnold this week against the Broncos. It will be Darnold’s first regular season start since a 41-17 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on January 2021. Carolina's offense may be abysmal, but so is the Broncos' offense with Russell Wilson at quarterback. Wilson has thrown three touchdowns in his last five games with four interceptions. In a matchup in which the defenses will be the highlights for both teams, you grab anything above a touchdown with the home team.

The Patriots possess the second-best pass rush in the league with LB Matthew Judon leading the NFL in sacks. Judon must be salivating at the idea of getting after Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins after seeing how the Cowboys' pass rush attacked last week. This is not a bounce-back spot for Cousins, who was sacked seven times against Dallas and could very much see a similar result this week against the Patriots' top-five defense. Fade Cousins and back New England in a teaser.