NFL appears to edit out Alicia Keys ‘voice crack’ from Super Bowl halftime performance

NFL appears to edit out Alicia Keys ‘voice crack’ from Super Bowl halftime performance

Alicia Keys’ Super Bowl halftime “voice crack” is no longer, as the National Football League (NFL) appears to have edited out her vocal imperfections from its recently uploaded YouTube video.

The 43-year-old pop star made a surprise guest appearance during Usher’s rousing halftime performance on Sunday (11 February). As the R&B singer finished singing his 2008 song, “Love in This Club”, Usher welcomed Keys - who performed a portion of her 2003 hit, “If I Ain’t Got You”.

Dressed in a red, sparkly gown, Keys was seen seated at a red piano where she sang the extremely difficult vocal arrangement. As she belted out the first verse, “Some people want it all”, her voice cracked. However, she continued unfazed and completed the rendition flawlessly.

Following Usher’s 15-minute show, which featured other special guests - including Ludacris, HER and rapper Lil John - several viewers took to X to point out Keys’ off-key moment.

“Alicia done lost her f***ing keys, wtf was that??” one person joked, with another adding: “She’s a great singer, she just left her keys at the studio tonight.”

The next day, fans were surprised to notice that Keys’ voice crack appeared to have been fixed in the NFL’s uploaded YouTube version of Usher’s Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show,

“Fascinatingly, the official NFL YouTube channel appears to be attempting to erase that little moment, having edited it out in their upload (second video),” someone wrote on X. Alongside the post, they included the original recording of Keys’ performance with the voice crack compared to the YouTube version.

“Personally this kinda grinds my gears because part of what makes live singing commendable is that mistakes may happen, and you’re vulnerable,” they added. “I wonder if she or her team was consulted for this edit, my guess is probably not based on the fast turnaround, but who knows.”

A second user argued: “People need to hear what a live performance sounds like. Human beings are not perfect machines. They should leave it.”

The Independent has contacted the NFL for comment.

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