All About Neymar's Sister Rafaella Santos

Neymar and his sister, Rafaella Santos, grew up in São Paulo, Brazil

<p>Neymar Instagram</p> Neymar and his sister Rafaella.

Neymar Instagram

Neymar and his sister Rafaella.

Neymar and his sister, Rafaella Santos, always want the best for each other.

The siblings were born in São Paulo, Brazil, to Nadine Gonçalves and Neymar Santos Sr., a former soccer player who now serves as his son’s advisor. Today, Neymar starts for Saudi Pro League club Al-Hilal and captains the Brazilian national team.

Neymar and Rafaella are four years apart in age but have forged a close bond, with the model often seen cheering on her brother at multiple matches around the world, and she's not shy about supporting the accomplished athlete.

After Neymar scored a last-minute goal to clinch the UEFA Champions League title for his then-club Barcelona FC in 2015, she showered him with praise on Instagram.

“I'm so proud of you! Not only for football but also for the human being you have become, but that is so small compared to the enormous admiration I feel for you... Congratulations my love!” she wrote in Portuguese.

Neymar is equally effusive about his younger sibling and posts loving messages to her on social media. “Reason for my life. I love you so much! ❤️❤️," he penned to her in 2015.

Here's everything to know about Neymar's sister, Rafaella Santos.

She is a model and influencer

<p>Rafaella Instagram</p> Neymar's sister Rafaella.

Rafaella Instagram

Neymar's sister Rafaella.

Rafaella is a model who also has a large social media presence, with about 6 million followers on Instagram.

Her content mainly covers topics related to fashion and travel, with posts featuring her jet-set lifestyle, carnival appearances and glam squad.

Apart from modeling, Rafaella was also featured in a Beats by Dr. Dre World Cup commercial alongside her brother in 2014.

She reportedly changed her name

While her brother is undoubtedly Rafaella's favorite soccer player, she has a soft spot for another sportsman.

The Brazilian model is reportedly such a huge fan of David Beckham that she switched her last name to Beckran at one point, per The Sun.

It's unclear if Rafaella still goes by this last name because her social media only lists her first name.

She and her brother have tattoos of each other

<p>Rafaella Instagram</p> Neymar and his sister Rafaella.

Rafaella Instagram

Neymar and his sister Rafaella.

Neymar and Rafaella's unique connection is one that they both cherish. In 2015, the renowned football star decided to immortalize this bond by getting a tattoo of his sister’s face on his right bicep.

The tattoo vividly captures Rafaella with a hat turned backward, her hair flowing down her shoulders and her hand resting gently under her chin.

Rafaella returned the sweet gesture with a tattoo of her own. A few days later, she etched her brother’s eyes on her left inner arm. The piece was completed by tattoo artist Adao Rosa, who posted a pictures on Instagram.

“This is the tattoo that I have done on my loving friend @rafaella, a homage to her idol and her brother @neymarjr,” Rosa wrote in Portuguese.

She is an aunt

<p>Neymar Instagram</p> Neymar with his sister Rafaella and other family members.

Neymar Instagram

Neymar with his sister Rafaella and other family members.

Neymar is a father of two: The soccer player welcomed his son Davi Lucca with ex-girlfriend Carolina Dantas in 2011. His former girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi, gave birth to their daughter, Mavie, in October 2023.

Rafaella is a doting aunt who frequently spends time with her nephew and niece. She often posts photos of her and Davi Lucca traveling to different locations, including when they went from Spain to France and sat next to each other on the flight.

"MY BOY!" she captioned a photo of them on Instagram.

She is supportive of her brother

<p>Neymar Instagram</p> Nadine Goncalves, Neymar and Rafaella.

Neymar Instagram

Nadine Goncalves, Neymar and Rafaella.

Rafaella is known to go from destination to destination around the world to watch her brother play, so it was no surprise when she flew to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Neymar was the captain of the 2022 Brazil squad that lost to Croatia due to penalties during the quarter-final. The loss left the striker in tears, and his sister shared words of comfort online afterward.

“I wish I could remove all the obstacles in your way, but I know that this way there would be no mercy and you wouldn't have a way to become who you need to be,” she wrote.

After adding a few more lines of encouragement, she ended by saying, “You have no idea how proud I am of you, your achievements, defeats, EVERYTHING! ... Never forget that I'll be here for you forever and ever.”

Her birthday celebrations are legendary

<p>Rafaella Instagram</p> Neymar and his sister Rafaella.

Rafaella Instagram

Neymar and his sister Rafaella.

When Rafaella's birthday rolls around on March 11, she celebrates to the fullest. The model typically posts a reflective message to commemorate each year or hosts a fun party — and her brother never misses a moment to pay tribute on her special day.

The siblings are so close that Rafaella’s birthday spawned a funny conspiracy theory called the "birthday curse." Fans have noticed that when Neymar has missed games due to injury or suspension, it has coincidentally coincided with the days leading up to his sister’s birthday, according to The Sun.

“My love, cheers to you .. may God bless and protect you I'm always here for you, through everything... My love for you is infinite and I cheer for you much more than I do for myself,” Neymar wrote in a 2019 Instagram post. “Enjoy your day that you deserve, I'm not near but the thought is with you ❤️ I love you sister @rafaella.”

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