Next to a New Delhi landfill, class is in session

STORY: Plumes of smoke fill the air around this New Delhi landfill.

It's prone to fires during the summer months and is even polluting the area's groundwater.

But right next door - students are attending school.

GAURI, STUDENT: "Our eyes burn and stomachs ache because of the smoke and sometimes we face intestinal issues as well."

With soaring temperatures and heatwaves,

firefighters have struggled with persistent blazes here.

This most recent fire put classes on hiatus.

But teachers say they have no choice but to bring students back.

FIZAG, SCHOOL TEACHER: "The smoke from the burning dump is causing a lot of problems in the eyes of children. Residents in the nearby areas are also finding it challenging to live or sleep. How can we continue with the classes in such an atmosphere? However, as schools cannot be shut permanently, we have started calling the students to school for the past two days.”

Residents say the landfill has become a source for disease.

But the garbage keeps piling up.

New Delhi - the world’s most polluted capital - lacks a proper waste disposal system.

Every day thousands of tonnes of waste arrive at landfills just like this one.

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