What’s Next for the Canceled Golden Globes and Can the HFPA Recover?

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“I don’t think anyone will touch this with a 10-foot pole until they get their act together,” one insider says The Golden Globes crisis over the embattled Hollywood Foreign Press Association peaked early this week, with NBC cancelling the 2022 awards telecast under the crushing pressure of a streamer and studio boycott, leaving the organization with precious few options for survival. Among the many questions left by NBC’s cancellation of the telecast were: Can the HFPA take its 2022 broadcast to another network? If not, would the HFPA decide to hand out awards anyway? Does NBC still owe the association the contractual $60 million for the telecast? And would the activist groups pushing for to boycott the group over a history of no Black members and a tarnished public reputation stand down to allow the group to implement a reform plan? Lawyers with expertise in entertainment contracts told TheWrap that the HFPA most likely won’t be able to take its 2022 show elsewhere — though the exact language of the contract is not publicly known. “Whether the HFPA can go elsewhere is determined by the contract,” Dina Perez, an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles, told TheWrap. “Regardless, it seems like...

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