The Next Bachelor Is Almost Definitely Gonna Be Someone We Know Already

Mehera Bonner

From Cosmopolitan

  • The next Bachelor is likely someone from a past Bachelorette season.
  • Reality Steve says the anticipated filming schedule doesn't give enough time for someone from Clare's season to be picked.

Reality Steve just spilled a bunch of piping hot tea about The Bachelorette's new filming schedule, and apparently it's going to have a major impact on the upcoming season of The Bachelor. First of all, The Bachelorette is looking to film at a resort in July and August and will air in September with a super tight turn around.

Sounds good, but here's the thing: The Bachelor's filming schedule is typically September to approximately one week before Thanksgiving.

Photo credit: John Fleenor - Getty Images

Why is this important? Because it almost definitely means the next Bachelor won't be one of Clare's guys...which also means he'll likely be someone we already know.

" Bachelor filming, we know, starts in September," Steve said on his podcast. "If Clare's season starts airing in September, and they don't screw up The Bachelor schedule, and they still film Bachelor from September to the week before Thanksgiving, well, who's the Bachelor then? 'Cause all of Clare's guys...we'll maybe be an episode, maybe two episodes in before they start filming The Bachelor? They're not gonna give you one of Clare's guys after one or two episodes. Because then we know he gets far and we know he doesn't win."

It's possible production will push The Bachelor back, but that would mean filming through Thanksgiving and Christmas, and Steve says "that's just not happening they're not gonna do that."

Soooo, yeah. Chances are Clare's pool of guys won't make the Bachelor cut which means I can start campaigning for Mike Johnson to be Bachelor in 3, 2, 1.

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