Nexian Launches First Transparent Screen Phone in Indonesia [Updated]


[ UPDATE on July 4th: The post originally made the mistake of saying that this runs Android. It actually "supports JAVA," in the very vague words of the manufacturer. Thanks to readers for pointing this out].

Indonesian low-cost mobile phone maker Nexian has recently launched the first transparent color mobile phone in Indonesia called Nexian Glaze M-9090. How much is it? It’s yours for only 899,000 Rupiahs ($90).

The phone has a 2.4 inch OLED transparent screen, making it look something like an aquarium where people can see it from both sides. Isnur Rochmad, the head of product engineering of Si2i Limited commented:

The [mobile phone’s] technology innovation comes in the form of the transparent user interface. The S Nexian Glaze offers a different feel for its users with the transparent OLED screen technology. This technology enables users to see the screen from two sides, the back and front.

The S Nexian Glaze supports dual GSM and users can use its Nexian Messenger and S Apps Planet services. Nexian claims the phone to be the first transparent mobile phone in Indonesia. In some ways, the phone’s transparent feature might be similar to the prototype made by Docomo which we wrote about earlier this month. Readers may also recall Sony Ericsson's Xperia Pureness a few years back.

I think I can safely assume that Indonesians including myself would be very tempted to check out this phone, just out of sheer curiosity. The phone is cheap enough for all to buy, and it comes with all the basic features Indonesians crave: Facebook, Twitter, and messenger apps. It also uses Yamaha Audio Amplifier to help enhance the audio quality, definitely an added value for the low-end users.

The phone’s innovation is unique enough to command attention here in Indonesia, but the verdict is still out whether the phone will become a hit.

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