Man Sentenced to Life After Murdering Ex-Girlfriend's Partner

A UK man was sentenced to life in prison on Monday, March 13, after stabbing his ex-girlfriend’s romantic partner to death last year.

Newly released police bodycam footage shows the moments before Marek Hecko, the now-convicted murderer, was arrested on July 25, 2022. Hecko returned to the scene of the crime holding a bottle of brandy and began speaking to a police officer. “I know what happened, and you need me to help you figure out what happened,” said Hecko while apparently intoxicated.

Hecko became aggressive and was arrested shortly after, the footage shows. Hecko was identified as the suspect while in police custody, Essex Police said.

The victim, Adrian Ellingford, was married, but had a romantic encounter with Hecko’s former partner on the day of his death. The trial of Ellingford’s murder began in February of this year, and concluded on Monday when a jury found Hecko guilty unanimously, said Essex Police. Credit: Essex Police via Storyful