Newly discovered hat has Napoleon's DNA on it

This hat has Napoleon’s DNA on it

proving it belonged to the legendary European statesman and general

whose iconic bicornes made him recognizable on the battlefield

Location: Bonhams Auction House, Hong Kong

MANAGING DIRECTOR OF BONHAMS' REGIONAL OPERATIONS IN EUROPE AND U.S., SIMON COTTLE, SAYING: "So this hat was tested extensively, using various methods, very, very obviously this electronic microscopy, and five hairs were discovered when the contents of the hat were examined very, very closely. And two of those hairs were then followed up more closely, again using these methods. And they carry (DNA) marker of Napoleon."

The present owner wasn’t initially aware of its importance

until he realized it had inscriptions

The hat will be auctioned in London on October 27

Other Napoleonic hats have fetched up to $2.5 million

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