Daughter a new chapter in life for veteran singer Jamal Abdillah

Mark Ryan Raj
Jamal and Zai welcomed their first child together, Nur Azura Yamani, to their family in October last year. — Screen capture via Youtube/Astro Awani

PETALING JAYA, Feb 26 — Popular veteran pop singer Datuk Jamal Abdillah said that he is enjoying his “new life” with his four-month-old daughter. 

Malaysia’s “King of Pop” shared that he loves to play with his newborn daughter Nur Azura Yamani and is looking to spend more time with her at home. 

“Wow, I’m having so much fun with my baby. Now she’s four and a half months old. It’s like I’m living a new life,” Jamal told mStar

Jamal, 61, added that he now prefers to stay at home to care for Azura, instead of going out on the town like he used to. 

“Last time when I used to sit at home, I’d feel like going out with my wife. But now, with the baby, I just want to stay at home,” said Jamal. 

Jamal and his wife Datin Zai Izzati Khiruddin got married in April 2017, and Azura was born October last year. 

Jamal, whose real name is Jamal Ubaidillah Haji Mohd Ali, who has been previously married thrice, to Basariah Abdul Latiff, Noraina Mohd Yusof and Fatimatuzarah Samad, all of which ended in divorce. 

He has two sons from those past marriages — 18-year-old Osama Yamani with Noraina and 13-year-old Ahmad Zaki Yamani with Fatimatuzarah. 

Speaking at the press conference in Istana Budaya yesterday for an upcoming “Alunan Irama” charity concert with Dayang Nurfaizah, Jamal also spoke highly of his second son, Ahmad Zaki, who is trying to make his way in the music industry.

“He’s already made a single. Even if I wanted to stop him, I can’t, because I’ve had that experience before when I was interested but my dad stopped me,” said Jamal.

He explained that he wouldn’t get in the way of his son’s musical ambitions, but only if he also focuses on his studies and pays attention in school. 

“So, I encourage him to pursue what he wants. But, he has to make sure he keeps doing well in school.”

The “Alunan Irama” concert aims to raise funds to support the development of aid, in terms of education and welfare, for underprivileged students around schools in the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary area. 

Tickets for the show on April 11 are set to go on sale next month starting March 10. 

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