Newborn calf thoroughly enjoys being petted in the sunshine

Hope is a very affectionate calf who is less than a week old. She was born in the meadow on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. It's the perfect place for a cow to live. There are hundreds of acres of lush, green pasture, ponds full of fresh water, forested areas to provide shelter and shade and rolling hills. It's an ethical farm where the calves are not separated from their mothers. They do not produce milk and they refuse to produce veal. Herd health is placed before profit and the animals are treated like family. They spend their time outdoors and the herd wanders freely, grazing the sunshine all day.They are watched over protectively by Gus, a 2,000 pound bull who lives on this farm as well. Hope quickly learned to trust the farmers and she is eager to spend time and play with others who visit this farm. Hope has a friend in Dave, a neighbor who enjoys relaxing in the meadow with these gentle creatures, or recording their antics with his camera. Hope runs and bounces, much like an energetic puppy, and then she stops to rest. This was one of her quiet moments and she settled down in the grass beside Dave, looking for a little head and nose scratch. She loves to be petted and will nudge Dave for more if he stops for long. Ethical farms like these can be found in most communities. They treat their animals well and provide a life that is as close as possible to what nature intended for these lovable animals. Cows are far more intelligent and affectionate than we give them credit for, and they are very deserving of a life free from cruelty. Supporting farmers who do things right, and avoiding factory farms, is very important for reducing the suffering that is too common in some larger farming operations.

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