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Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson and Dan Wetzel discuss the minor car accident Jones was involved in Wednesday morning, and then tackle the fact that the Cowboys owner leaked Dallas’ draft board for the fourth time since 2010. Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: Let's talk Jerry Jones. Jerry doesn't drive. Like he's not-- like I personally I think maybe one time in 20 years have I seen Jerry behind the wheel of a car. So I'm pretty sure that this was Jerry as a passenger being driven around Dallas. Interestingly enough, though, a little fender bender on Wednesday night, Jerry.

The authorities asked them to go to Parkland Hospital to get checked out. But Stephen Jones confirmed this morning-- and I had heard late Wednesday night from inside the franchise-- that Jerry is OK. No serious injuries apparently from this car accident. But interestingly enough, it comes after-- Jerry for the fourth time-- fourth time since 2010-- found a way to leak the Cowboys' draft board.

And I wrote a story about this. I thought it's interesting that when you watch the footage, Jerry Jones sitting up with Stephen Jones's son Will McClay, the vice president of player personnel, Mike McCarthy, the head coach, holds up the draft board on day one, after day one.

And basically, in a way, kind of dares reporters to figure it out and decode it. And God bless Dallas Cowboys fans, fan sites, affiliated sites, reporters. They figured out a way to decode the top 34 ranked players on the Dallas board. And you never see this with-- like if you see one team with a leak in two decades, it's newsworthy.

This is four now since 2010. And Jerry has seemingly been in some way or fashion involved in all of them. You got to love the Cowboys, though.

DAN WETZEL: Yeah, this is why we want Jerry safe from the accident. What the hell would we talk about in this league if we didn't have Jerry Jones? OK, so let's just all say thank you that Jerry as well and good. Yeah, leaking the draft board, it's just perfect.

The sleuth thing was great. It's actually pretty interesting to look at this board. I don't know how closely you looked at it, but it's kind of-- there's some fascinating stuff on there, including the Cowboys' pick. And then I'm not sure if this is like evidence for everybody else on what not to do. It's like, oh crap, I had this guy high also, so did Jerry.

We better reevaluate how we're doing things. But of course he did. Of course he did. He's just phenomenal in this way that he would do this for the fourth time in 10 years. And then we would crowdsource the whole thing. You want to go through this board?

CHARLES ROBINSON: Well, the board-- Yeah, we can go through the board. I think, though, first off, we have to say, when I saw the photo, OK-- So Mike Leslie, who's an anchor in Dallas, right, for a Dallas television affiliate, he was the one who pulled-- off-video he pulled this photo out of the board.

Now, when I looked at it I'm like, shit, you can't see. Like this is the worst of all of them. Like every other one-- there were two that where it was like Jerry taking-- it was photos of Jerry standing in front of the draft board. High res, you can see in some-- I mean, not the highest res, but you could see enough that I can figure out how people would pull names.

The third one was someone in business operations takes a picture of the draft board when they're moving out of Valley Ranch, puts it up on online, takes it back down. But it was much clearer than this one. This one, I was just like, this is the worst. This is the worst of all. Like no one's going to be able to get anything off this.

No, I was completely wrong. And what was great was when you started to see how this was being crowdsourced and the methods that were being used by like measuring how long the name was--


CHARLES ROBINSON: One person says, hey, in the area that lists the college, there's two-- the one that has two words in it is clearly Notre Dame. So that's obviously the safety from Notre Dame. Like it was just interesting to kind of see how people unraveled it. And then when I back checked it, I'm like, god, this is right. Like this board is actually accurate. And when I started to go through it, I'm like, wow, they have four of their top 28 players are taken by the Jets.

So this is a pretty-- it's like the Cowboys clearly liked the Jets' draft. Their are two top prospects-- Kayvon Thibodeaux and Evan Neal-- go to the New York Giants, which obviously is a division rival. It was just fascinating to see how they were valuing certain players. No quarterback in there, which I know some people say, well look, they don't need a quarterback.

That doesn't matter. Their grading system's their grading system. And it was pretty apparent, no question, they didn't have a first or maybe even a second round grade on a quarterback in this draft. Which I don't know what that says about Kenny Pickett and the Pittsburgh Steelers. But yeah, I mean, let's go through it real quick.

Might as well. I mean, hell, they show us their board, which Jerry-- by the way, I encourage people, go and look at the clip of this. Because Jerry holds it up to basically-- he's basically explaining the first round pick, sort of defending it. And he holds it up and you see Stephen Jones and his son and Will McClay, who's the VP of player personnel, are looking at each other like, oh my god. Like they're laughing. But you can tell they're like, oh my god, what is he doing?

Meanwhile, Mike McCarthy sitting next to him, who, for the longest time in Green Bay-- like Ted Thompson wouldn't let most of the coaching staff see their draft board for decades, OK? And now he's sitting next to an owner who's holding it up in a press conference at the end of the first round. And you could just see the look on Mike's face is like-- this place is [BLEEP] nuts.

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