Nevada rapper arrested after police say he confessed to murder in song lyrics and music video

A Las Vegas rapper who was previously considered to be a person of interest in a 2021 killing has been arrested after police say he confessed to the murder in the lyrics of one of his songs.

Kenjuan McDaniel, 25, who is also known as The Biggest Finn4800, faces a charge of murder with a deadly weapon in the death of Randall Wallace, who was fatally shot on 18 September 2021.

Mr McDaniel was named a person of interest in the case because of his connection to a vehicle that matched the description of one used during the crime, according to a redacted arrest warrant obtained by CNN.

But it was a music video posted by Mr McDaniel on YouTube this past July that caught the attention of a Las Vegas Metropolitan police detective and prompted a closer look.

In the music video of Mr McDaniel’s song "Fadee Free,” he allegedly rapped about taking Mr Wallace’s life.

“Detectives noted the music video bore a sufficient level of similarity to the details of the murder,” the warrant read. “This includes the fact that Kenjuan confessed to the murder in his lyrics. … Details provided by Kenjuan in his music video were not released to the public and would not be common knowledge.”

The arrest warrant included a few of the lyrics investigators believe show Mr McDaniel’s guilt.

"Brought it with that fire, hear that ‘ah’, see your body twitching,” he raps, which police say correlates with reports and video evidence that Mr Wallace twitched as he died after being shot.

Kenjuan McDaniel (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)
Kenjuan McDaniel (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

According to authorities, Mr Wallace got into an argument with three formerly unidentified individuals who then fatally shot him at an apartment complex.

The lyrics reportedly revealed details about the murder that have not been made public, according to the investigators.

“I be the reason why he’s dead, we still taunt him when he die/ not the reason he’s dead, so celebrate the reason why his momma cry,” one of the lines included in the warrant states.

Another line: “Parked the car, double back on feet, the smartest way to slide, drove in, double lock yo man, make sure you get yo bod’.”

The music video, which depicted Mr McDaniel and his fellow performers’ faces transforming into demonic images, also reportedly featured the rapper re-enacting the murder in a way that is “consistent with evidence at the scene.”

“The facts gathered during the investigation were obtained separately from the music video. The music video further validated the results of the investigation,” the warrant reads.

Mr McDaniel has a preliminary hearing set for 14 September.