Netizen releases apology letter after slandering Huang Xiaoming



11 Sep – A netizen who made a false accusation against Huang Xiaoming has recently released an official apology.

The apology, which was written on 8 September, had the writer admitted to writing the defamatory remark on Weibo that Huang has a baby with another woman.

"These remarks are false information fabricated by me out of thin air and without any factual basis. My behaviour had caused a very negative impact on Mr. Huang and seriously infringed on his reputation," the statement read.

The writer added that they fell into deep regret and self-blame following the indictment, and sincerely apologise to Mr. Huang for the serious harm that had been caused.

"I will abide by the law and will not make similar mistakes again. I have deleted all the infringing information previously published and will never reprint it in any form."

It is noted that Huang was previously enraged over the said allegation that he cheated on ex-wife Angelababy and that he supposedly had an illegitimate child. The actor then threatened with a lawsuit which he eventually won, hence the apology letter.


 Huang and Angelababy divorced after a 7-year marriage
Huang and Angelababy divorced after a 7-year marriage


(Photo Source: Huang Xiaoming Weibo, Angelababy IG)