The Netherlands joins Ukraine’s IT Coalition with over $10 million contribution

Flag of the Netherlands
Flag of the Netherlands

The Netherlands has joined Ukraine’s IT Coalition, contributing EUR 10 million ($10.9 million), announced the Ukrainian Defense Ministry on Facebook on Jan. 27.

The Netherlands became the 12th country to join. This occurred at a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group (UDCG), also known as the Ramstein group, the ministry said. The coalition aims to provide support in the fields of IT, communications, and cybersecurity to the Defence Ministry and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The initiative already involves 11 other countries, including Ukraine, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Japan.

During the Ramstein group meeting on Jan. 23, Denmark allocated over EUR 12 million ($13 million) for Ukraine’s cyber defense, with funds designated for cybersecurity projects, the ministry said.

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The IT Coalition, launched by Estonia, Luxembourg, and Ukraine during a meeting at the Ramstein base in Germany on Sep. 19, 2023, is tasked with ensuring a secure and resilient IT infrastructure. This infrastructure aims to enhance Ukraine's effectiveness on the battlefield, said Defense Minister Rustem Umerov.

The 18th UDCG meeting took place on Jan. 23. The meeting was focused on Kyiv's long-term needs, said Pentagon deputy press secretary, Sabrina Singh.

The meeting was held online because U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is still recovering at home after complications following prostate cancer surgery.

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