Netflix's 'Eric' just got its first trailer — and it's now my most anticipated thriller series of the year

 Benedict Cumberbatch in Eric series on Netflix.
Benedict Cumberbatch in Eric series on Netflix.

This year could honestly be one of the best years for new movies and TV shows. Netflix, being one of the best streaming services, seems to have a full slate packed with juicy content every month. “Bridgerton” season 3, a highly anticipated series, finally releases this month along with fun movies like “Mother of the Bride” and “Atlas," but what sticks out among this list is “Eric."

Benedict Cumberbatch takes the leading role in this psychological thriller series. Rumors were circling the internet back in February regarding the release date for "Eric", and now three months later we finally have a trailer.

The trailer itself is 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, which gives us just enough information about what to expect when the series comes out on May 30. We also get to see some recognizable faces like Dan Fogler (“Fantastic Beasts”) and Gaby Hoffmann (“Goodbye World”).

It’s safe to say that the trailer certainly caught my attention, with my expectations raised even higher after seeing just how powerful Cumberbatch’s performance will be as a desperate father. Check it out:

“Eric” follows the distraught father Vincent (Cumberbatch) as he struggles to overcome the demons in his head after searching for his missing son Edgar. Vincent is a famous puppeteer in New York, and his work created Edgar’s love for a particular puppet monster named Eric. Convinced that the toy holds some kind of hope, Vincent shows the puppet on live TV hoping it will bring his son home.

McKinley Belcher III also stars as Michael Ledroit, a dedicated detective who works on the investigation and discovers some unsettling revelations deep in New York.

This six-part series will take you through Vincent’s emotional trauma and guilt over letting his son walk to school on that dreaded morning. It will also reveal how desperation can destroy the relationships around you, including the lengths a parent will go to just to reunite with their child.

Cumberbatch is actually an executive producer on the show. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said: “It is rooted in a lot of real-world issues, looking at parenthood, looking at marriage, looking at mental health, looking at the AIDS pandemic, but also the ongoing crises of homophobia, of racism in institutions.”

'Eric' has the potential to be the No.1 show of the year

I truly believe that “Eric” could be up there on the top most-watched list with “Baby Reindeer” and “Bridgerton." If anything, it might take the No.1 spot on Netflix just because it has highly prolific actors and an engaging narrative that will probably make you experience every emotion possible.

Since we’ll only get six episodes of this psychological thriller, there’s a chance “Eric” won’t dilly-dally in terms of pacing. This means every second has to count, and mini-series tend to do very well because they’re so condensed.

Judging by the trailer alone, “Eric” is going to take us on a very raw and emotional journey, with Cumberbatch demonstrating his talent in the lead role.

“Eric” is set to premiere on May 30, and you can stream it on Netflix.  You can read our guide on the best Netflix shows to watch while you wait for this thriller series to come out.

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