Netflix’s Sweet Home season 3 trailer teases an epic final showdown for the apocalyptic horror series

 Sweet Home promotional image featuring the protagonist half-human, half-monster form.
Credit: Netflix

The wait is finally over for Sweet Home fans, as Netflix has dropped a teaser trailer for the final season of the beloved K-drama. Thankfully, it’s a much shorter wait for the next season this time around, following on from the torturous three-year wait between the first two seasons.

Sweet Home fans have followed the show’s survivors from the apartment complex Green Home since 2020. This post-apocalyptic environment where horrific monsters started appearing, presenting a strange otherworldly threat, sets the stage for protagonist Hyun-su, who soon realises he can transform into a monster at will, changing the course of his life.

Now though, it’s the ultimate showdown between man and monster, and if the teaser trailer (see below) is anything to go by, we’ll start to see a lot more social politics coming into play as well as a bombshell about the monsters themselves.

Sweet Home season three lands on Netflix on July 19 but if you’re itching for more K-drama in the meantime, then The Whirlwind is being released on Friday, June 28. The new series is about the power struggle that follows after a President dies and looking at the tension-filled trailer, it’s bound to have you on the edge of your seat.

What should we expect from Sweet Home season 3?

The Sweet Home season three teaser trailer reveals that survivors still can't leave the area and new people are still not allowed in, but "more sympathetic" members will get offered some advantages, as teased in the trailer. We don’t actually know what this means just yet, but it is very likely to cause a stir among survivors, just when they were starting to band together.

Elsewhere, it seems a new approach to "monsterization" is accepting transformations so they can become “neo-humans of a new age". After long resisting the grotesque effects, this post-apocalyptic world seems to be giving in and accepting that people will simply turn into monsters.

While the trailer doesn’t give away too much, it also teases some big fights, which is to be expected from a final season of what could be one of the best Netflix shows, so we should gear up for a big, bloody showdown. But is a happy ending possible in a world where humans are transforming at an alarming rate? You'll be able to find out on July 19 when Sweet Tooth season three debuts on Netflix.

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