Netflix is set to premier loads of new animated shows – here are 3 we’re most excited for

 Scott Pilgrim stops an attack from Gideon Graves in Netflix' Scott Pilgrim Takes Off anime series
Scott Pilgrim stops an attack from Gideon Graves in Netflix' Scott Pilgrim Takes Off anime series

Netflix's new Castlevania: Nocturne spin-off show is set to premier imminently, and the best streaming service is going to stream its first three episodes a day before the official series debut on Wednesday 27 September at 9am PST / 2pm ET / 5pm BST.

Not only that, but it's going to wrap them in a 90-minute special that'll include many more animated shows to get excited about. The reveal will take place as a virtual event that Netflix is calling DROP 01, which you'll be able to watch on Netflix's official YouTube and Twitch channels.

Here's what you can expect:

What is DROP 01?

According to Netflix it's "a virtual showcase celebrating the best of Netflix’s genre animation series" that will feature "surprise announcements and never-before-seen, sneak peek 'drops' from other animated series that fans are most excited about".

As you can see from the trailer, the Scott Pilgrim anime series Scott Pilgrim Takes Off plays a big part. The delightful looking anime is due for launch in November and there's lots of teasing in the DROP 01 trailer. We're excited about this one, and there's plenty more where that came from.

One of the other shows we're hoping to see more of during the event is Masters of the Universe: Revolution, which is currently a very well-guarded secret. The sequel to the "terrifically subversive revival of He-Man's animated series" may be as divisive as the first. Fans weren't all ecstatic about it, with some doing the now-obligatory railing about "woke" characterisation that seems to follow any updated franchise – but critics, including us, absolutely loved it.

The third show we're really hoping to see a lot more of is Blue Eye Samurai. Writers and show runners Michael Green and Amber Noizumi's resume includes Logan, Blade Runner 2049, Mulan and Guardians of the Galaxy, and the show promises to deliver a larger-than-life adventure set 400 years in the past. Set in 1630s Japan, the show is an epic tale of adventure and revenge and from what we've seen so far it looks incredible.

And that's not all. Netflix is expected to show off Sonic Prime, Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, Pluto and many more. The event also features collaborations with the likes of Konami, SEGA, Wildbrain, Ubisoft, Mattel, Capcom, Crystal Dynamics. If you're into animation, this event looks like a must-watch.

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