‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 3 Trailer Shows Gus and Friends Risking it All For One Final Journey to Alaska

sweet tooth christian convery as gus in episode 208 of sweet tooth cr courtesy of netflix © 2023
Will Our Craving for Sweet Tooth S3 Be Satisfied?Netflix

Don't worry, you're finally getting your Sweet Tooth fix. The post-apocalyptic show that fills us with more hope than dread is finally back and the one question on our mind is whether or not it's coming back for more. After a stellar second season and so many possibilities for our favorite hybrids and their families, only a third season will satisfy us. So will Sweet Tooth be back for another go?

Here's everything we know about Sweet Tooth season 3.

Is Sweet Tooth coming back for season 3?

It didn't really take that long for it to happen. Netflix announced on May 3 that the show will be coming back for another season! Sadly, we are also saying goodbye to Gus and his friends after this as this will be the final one. But at least get an ending!

What will Sweet Tooth season 3 be about?

Obvious spoiler alert here, but season 3 will follow Gus, Jepp, Wendy, and Becky/Bear as they head out to Alaska in search of Gus's mom. However, one other person will also be making the journey out there and that's Dr. Aditya who stumbled upon Gus' Yellowstone home and found the study that pointed to Birdie's location.

Meanwhile, Helen Zhang is out for power and the cure now that General Abbot is out for good. And it seems like she has some beasts who are more than willing to rip anyone and anything apart to help her.

Along with the season 3 renewal, Netflix confirmed that Rosalind Chao and Amy Seimetz, who play Helen Zhang and Birdie, will both be upped to series regulars. Meanwhile, Cara Gee and Ayazhan Dalabayeva are joining the cast as Siana and Nuka in a series regular capacity. Meanwhile, Kelly Marie Tran has been cast as the mysterious Rosie.

sweet tooth christian convery as gus in episode 208 of sweet tooth cr courtesy of netflix © 2023

When will Sweet Tooth season 3 come out?

The show will officially be back on June 6 and you can already check out the trailer below:

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