Netflix Reportedly Developing Unscripted Willy Wonka Reality Competition Series

An unscripted reality competition series based on Willy Wonka is supposedly in the works over at Netflix.

Deadline reports that while the show is currently in development, there is still no clear idea of what the reality competition series will be about. Rather than doing it the traditional way, however, Netflix invited numerous production companies to participate in "the bake-off" — a term used when production companies pitch their ideas to the network/streamer. Netflix has supposedly reached out to the producers behind American Idol, Who Do You Think You Are?, Bullsh*t: The Game Show, Snack vs. Chef and Squid Game: The Challenge.

“Bake offs are an epidemic and we hate them,” one top unscripted producer said to Deadline. “In the good old days, once in a while there were bake-offs, but typically, networks would pick a production company they knew and trusted and they would just partner up and make it work. But now because the markets so bad, they have the opportunity to make people audition. It’s the bane of our existence.”

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming series.