Netflix puts Arab female filmmakers in the spotlight

STORY: Arab women are bringing their films to life with help from Netflix

Five filmmakers have been selected from Lebanon, Tunisia and Morocco

to receive a one-time grant from Netflix's Fund for Creative Equity


“I believe this support from the fund was a chance for me to highlight my role as a woman behind the camera, and for further representation of Arab women. This is especially important keeping in mind that the playing field is not level, but this type of support is here to adjust the playing field, and promote the emergence of female directors and producers in the filmmaking scene in the Arab world.”

The fund is valued at $250,000

and is in partnership with the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)

RIMA MISMAR, AFAC: “After the Arab Spring which took place in 2010, women took on a bigger role in filmmaking, especially in the field of documentary filmmaking. So to support the women today is an acknowledgement of the work they are doing - less so discovering non-existing talents - the talents are there, and the work they are doing is very big and important."

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