Netflix looks at password-sharing crackdown

Netflix is testing a new feature to clamp down on password sharing.

The world's largest streaming service said on Thursday (March 11) a small number of users will be asked to verify if they share a household with the account holder.

It does this by asking for details sent via text message or email - sent directly to the owner.

Viewers may delay the verification and keep watching Netflix.

But the message may reappear when they return, and they could eventually be required to open a new account to continue streaming.

One Netflix spokesperson said this will ensure that people using a certain account have the permission to do so.

Netflix's terms of service say users of an account must live in the same household.

However, it and other streaming services have declined to broadly crack down on password sharing.

Netflix has more than 200 million subscribers globally.

It's unclear for now if there are plans for the feature to be implemented more widely.