Netflix just announced 4 new comedies, including a big Adam Sandler sequel – here are all the details

 Happy Gilmore image from Netflix.
Happy Gilmore image from Netflix.

Netflix has announced not one, not two, but four new comedies featuring some serious stars – including Adam Sandler's return to the world of Happy Gilmore, his 1996 comedy smash.

The film made Sandler a star and brought in nearly $40 million at the box office, and Netflix's teaser announcement – which consists of the above image and the message "Happy Gilmore is back! Adam Sandler will reprise his iconic role in a brand new movie coming to Netflix" – is causing a lot of online excitement.

While Netflix is keeping details of the sequel close to its chest just now, it's also announced three more comedies featuring some more big stars including Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson: Back in Action, which is coming in November; Nobody Wants This, coming in September; and Running Point, coming in 2025.

Three Netflix comedies to get excited about

Back In Action, which is one of the five movies we're most excited to see this year, features Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz in a film with echoes of Mr and Mrs Smith. The duo are low-key suburban parents who've been keeping a big secret: they used to be "incredibly skilled secret agents" – and when their cover is blown, they're dragged back into the world of espionage. The cast also includes Glenn Close and Andrew Scott, and it's directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses and Baywatch).

Nobody Wants This stars Kristen Bell and Adam Brody as an odd couple, Joanne and Noah. Noah is a risk-averse rabbi who's played it safe all his life, and Joanne is everything he isn't: brutally honest, provocative and agnostic. Will such opposites attract? You'd hope so, or the ten episodes are going to be pretty dull.

Last but not least there's Running Point, a basketball comedy from Mindy Kaling. Kate Hudson is Isla Gordon, who is unexpectedly made head of the family business: one of the most famous basketball franchises in the country. As Netflix's Tudum explains: "Isla, the only sister in a family of brothers, is ambitious and often overlooked. But when her brother is forced to resign from his position as president of the Los Angeles Waves, she’s appointed in his place. Now that she’s stepping up into the family business, she’s going to have to prove to her skeptical brothers, the board, and the larger sports community that she was the right choice for the job." Once again this is a ten-episode season; it'll be coming to Netflix in 2025.

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