Netflix and Gold House Announce New Partnership To Amplify API Stories — Film News In Brief

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Netflix and Gold House have created a partnership called “Netflix Gold” to amplify API stories, artists, and creators.

The partnership marks an evolution for the nonprofit collective of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) cultural leaders behind Gold House. By expanding their support beyond films for Asian audiences, Gold House will work closely with Netflix to amplify all culturally relevant stories (inclusive of films, series, documentaries, and stand-ups) and will engage the API community through private and public experiences to celebrate diverse, multidimensional storytelling.

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The first “Netflix Gold” event will be the premiere of Season 2 of “Never Have I Ever,” which will bring the Gold House community together for the first time in Los Angeles since the pandemic to get a sneak peek at the season, enjoy South Asian food and culture, highlight small businesses and celebrate intersectional South Asian stories.

The two organizations previously partnered on films such as “The White Tiger,” “Over The Moon” and “The Half Of It.” Some of their upcoming collaborations include “The Chair” with Sandra Oh and “Sparking Joy” with Marie Kondo.

“Growing up, I didn’t see girls who looked like me in the TV shows I loved,said Bela Bajaria, head of global TV at Netflix. A show like ‘Never Have I Ever’ — with API creators and artists on screen and behind the scenes — is still too rare and something I’m proud to celebrate. I’m thankful to Gold House for their partnership to make sure that the API community has an opportunity to continue to see even more of ourselves, our families, our language and our stories on Netflix,”

“Gold House is committed to amplifying and unifying our multicultural communities — not just by righting systemic wrongs but by projecting new, affirming, portrayals of the world we deserve,” said Bing Chen, president and co-founder of Gold House.

Black Keys Frontman Dan Auerbach To Make Directorial Debut On Dr. John Documentary

Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach is partnering with Impact Artist Productions on a documentary about music legend Dr. John.

Marking Auerbach’s directorial debut, the film will tell the story of the intricate life and prolific cultural impact of Mac Rebennack, best known as Dr. John, the Nite Tripper. While racial oppression in 1950s America was as ugly as ever, a musical revolution began in New Orleans. To get around the Jim Crow segregation laws of the time, we learn how Mac and his bandmates had to break the rules, trick the clubs and protect each other all for the love of music.

As a white kid raised in this racial melting pot, he was at home amongst the Black, Creole, and Afro-Cuban musicians. This music — and its diverse community — became young Mac’s entire life. Dr. John took the lead in nationally advancing a merged style of music, combining country and rhythm and blues.

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with RadicalMedia and Impact Artist Productions to try my hand at directing a documentary feature for the first time and I’m honored to have the subject be my friend Dr. John,” Auerbach said. “He was such a unique individual and a shining example of the great melting pot of American music. From his mysterious voodoo stage persona Dr. John to his real, humble self Mac Rebannack- the street poet, the family man, the junkie, the Grammy award winner and all that’s in between, this documentary will introduce the world to him in a way they haven’t seen him before. I’m still learning bits about him that I never knew, and I hope the movie provides a lens into the story of the life of Dr. John.”

Jon Kamen and Jon Doran will serve as executive producers for RadicalMedia. Dr. John’s longtime managers Ed Gerard and Peter Himberger of Impact Artist Productions will also serve as executive producers alongside independent producer Leopoldo Gout who will also serve as executive producer.

“Dan’s creative experience with Mac, and his passion for this story truly brings a unique perspective and style to the project,” said Jon Doran, executive producer and managing director of RadicalMedia. We are thrilled to bring this important story to life with Dan at the helm and alongside our partners, Mac’s longtime managers, Ed Gerard and Peter Himberger.”

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