Arcane, the League of Legends Netflix series, to premiere on 6 November

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Vi the Piltover Enforcer, one of the principal characters of Arcane, the upcoming League of Legends animated series on Netflix. (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)
Vi the Piltover Enforcer, one of the principal characters of Arcane, the upcoming League of Legends animated series on Netflix. (Photo: Riot Games/Netflix)

Arcane, the much-awaited League of Legends (LoL) animated series on Netflix, has been revealed to be premiering on the widely-popular streaming service on 6 November after its official trailer dropped on Sunday (26 September).

The trailer shines a bigger spotlight on the sisters Vi and Jinx, two of the most popular LoL champions and the principal characters of Arcane. 

The series will follow the two through their difficult childhood and the divergent paths they took in life as adults, which eventually leads them into a conflict that juxtaposes the brutal struggle between the twin cities of Piltover and Zaun.

Piltover and Zaun form one of the most interesting settings in Runeterra, LoL's equivalent of our world, as they are polar opposites that reside within the same location. 

Piltover is a shining steampunk utopia that rises high over Zaun, an oppressed underground looking to shift the balance of power. The trailer also revealed that the invention of Hextech technology will give Zaun the means to upend the status quo.

Arcane will be releasing in a series of acts, with each act including three episodes. The first act will release on 6 November, immediately after the grand finals of this year's LoL World Championship. The second act will then follow on 13 November with the third and final act releasing on 20 November.

Riot Games and Netflix collaborated in the production of Arcane and have tapped Fortiche Productions, an animation studio that has already produced several LoL cinematics in the past, to animate the series.

Riot Games first announced Arcane back in 2019 during LoL's 10th anniversary celebration. While the show was initially slated to premiere in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic delayed its release to this year.

While Arcane will be available on Netflix for most of the world, LoL fans in China can also view it on Tencent Video thanks to Riot Games' partnership with Tencent.

The release of Arcane on Netflix notably adds to the ever-growing list of video game adaptations available on the popular streaming platform. DOTA: Dragon's Blood, an anime series based on Dota 2 — LoL's biggest rival — was released on Netflix in March and already has a second season on the way.

Aside from LoL and Dota 2, other video games with adaptations on Netflix include Castlevania, Resident Evil, Dragon's Dogma, Assassin's Creed, and Cuphead.

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