Netflix Announces Release Date of 'His Three Daughters' Starring Natasha Lyonne, Elizabeth Olsen and Carrie Coon

A Netflix premiere date has been announced for Azazel Jacobs' His Three Daughters, starring Natasha Lyonne, Elizabeth Olsen and Carrie Coon in the lead roles.

The film will release on Netflix on September 20 following a theatrical release on September 6. His Three Daughters follows Lyonne, Olsen and Coon's characters as three sisters who visit their father in his final days:

"Katie (Carrie Coon) is a controlling Brooklyn mother dealing with a wayward teenage daughter; free-spirited Christina (Elizabeth Olsen) is a different kind of mom, separated from her offspring for the first time; and Rachel (Natasha Lyonne) is a sports-betting stoner who has never left her father’s apartment — much to the chagrin of her half-sisters, who share a different mother and worldview. Continuing his astute exploration of family dynamics in close-knit spaces, Jacobs follows the siblings over the course of three volatile days, as death looms, grievances erupt, and love seeps through the cracks of a fractured home."

Joining the trio in the main cast are Rudy Galvan, Jose Febus, Jasmine Bracey, with Jay O. Sanders and Jovan Adepo. Jacobs will write, direct and co-produce alongside Alex Orlovsky, Duncan Montgomery, Matt Aselton, Marc Marrie,
Mal Ward, Lia Buman, Tim Headington, Jack Selby and Diaz Jacobs. In addition to starring, Olsen, Coon and Lyonne will also executive produce alongside Maya Rudolph, Danielle Renfrew Behrens, Neil Shah, Max Silva, Peter Friedland and Sophia Lin.