Nepal's capital chokes with garbage dumped in streets

STORY: Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Stinking piles of garbage are piling up in Kathmandu

after villagers blocked the road to a rural landfill site

forcing about 200 trash-filled trucks to return to the capital

(Bhim Bahadur Lama, Kathmandu resident) "We are sick of the garbage. We are falling ill and having to go to hospitals. We should not be forced to live in the stench from the garbage."

Location: Near Bancharedanda, Nepal

Locals living near the landfill allege authorities have done little

to provide infrastructure and manage garbage

(Shree Ram Dhungana, Protester) "In this area, as the garbage is dumped near the people’s homes, the houses should be relocated two to three kilometres away from the landfill. Otherwise, we cannot stay and live near the place where there is garbage. Either we get relocated or they have to stop dumping garbage here."

Officials say they are addressing the concerns raised by Bancharedanda residents

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