Neo-Nazis parading swastikas, chant 'there will be blood,' and gather outside a synagogue in Wisconsin, say reports

The Wisconsin State Capitol.
A general view of the Wisconsin State Capitol the day after the 2020 U.S. presidential election, in downtown Madison.REUTERS
  • Members of the antisemitic hate group "Blood Tribe" marched in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

  • The neo-Nazi group waved swastika flags and chanted "There will be blood."

  • The mayor of Madison called the Nazi symbols "disturbing" and condemned the group.

Neo-Nazis marched in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, chanting "There will be blood," CBS News reports.

Almost two dozen masked marchers walked along State Street toward the Wisconsin State Capital before ending up at James Madison Park.

The group, who had also chanted "Israel is not our friend," gathered in front of a historic synagogue, per the Milwaukuee Sentinel Journal. It is not currently being used for religious services.

The group of men wore red shirts identifying them as members of Blood Tribe, a white supremacist group whose aim is to "normalize the swastika, usher in a resurgence of Nazi ideas and ultimately build a white ethno-state occupied, controlled and led by "Aryans," per the Anti-Defamation League.

The group has targeted Jews, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community since 2021.

The participants shouted racial slurs at onlookers, The Daily Beast reports.

Madison's mayor, Satya Rhodes-Conway, released a statement condemning the march: "Madison does not want or welcome hate groups like the one that invaded our community today."

Rhodes-Conway called the Nazi symbols "disturbing" and accused the group of inciting hatred, racism, and antisemitism.

A police incident report stated: "The Madison Police Department does not support hateful rhetoric. The department has an obligation to protect First Amendment rights of all."

Wisconsin's governor, Tony Evers, called the march "truly revolting," CBS News reports.

David Goldenberg, the ADL Midwest Regional Director, said: "Now is the time to speak out against antisemitism, extremism, and hate— and take the necessary actions to ensure Jews feel and are safe."

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