Neiman Marcus to go fur-free by early 2023

Neiman Marcus is about to adopt more ethical fashion. The luxury department store chain said Wednesday it’ll close its fur salons and become fur-free by early 2023.

The company says its ESG goals – environmental, social and governance – were behind the decision.

Neiman Marcus became one of the highest profile collapses during the health crisis. It emerged from bankruptcy protection last after eliminating more than $4 billion of debt.

The announcement comes just one week after Canada Goose announced it’ll stop using fur in its pricey parks, joining other upscale retailers like Versace, Coach and Gucci to go fur-free. In a bid to cater to eco-conscious shoppers, brands like Nike and Gap have also taken steps to create more sustainable apparel.

Animal welfare groups like PETA have long criticized luxury apparel brands over their use of animal skin and fur.

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