Neighbors Forced to Help as Massive Herd of Sheep Invades Street in Nevada

A massive herd of sheep ran across a residential street in a Nevada neighborhood after the animals broke free and headed down from a nearby mountain, on April 24.

Donald Heldoorn filmed a video which shows the livestock rushing from the mountains to a street near his house in Carson City, Nevada.

The video goes on to show the neighbors helping to herd the sheep back to the hills.

“Where is that shepherd, is he up there?” a male voice can be heard saying in the video.

Heldoorn told Storyful that he ran out onto the street after his dog “went crazy in the backyard” and saw the sheep heading towards his home.

The shepherd later arrived to help herd the animals back to the mountains, Heldoorn said. Credit: Donald Heldoorn via Storyful