Neighborhood "Bear Hunts" Provide Adventure and Entertainment For Kids During Social Distancing

Kelsey Hurwitz
Photo credit: Twitter/Daniele Hamamdjian

From Country Living

Social distancing is the best tool we have to flatten the curve and slow the spread of coronavirus, but it can be especially tough for kids as they transition from seeing their friends each day at school and playdates to suddenly feeling locked up inside the house. To help entertain and engage little ones during their time outside, neighborhoods around the world have been hosting Bear Hunts. They can be a great distraction for children and parents alike, and it's a way to foster community closeness despite physical distance.

No, it's not big grizzlies or mama brown bears, but cute, friendly stuffed animal bears, peeking out from behind your neighbors' curtains. The game seems to have been inspired by the classic children's book We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury, which tells the story of a family adventure where they overcome small obstacles during their search for a bear.

The game works similarly to I-Spy or a scavenger hunt, and gives littles ones something else to do during their daily walk.

If you live in a community with young children, consider putting a bear in your window. You can alert families in the area about the game through community message-boards or apps like NextDoor, or by posting with the hashtag #GoingOnABearHunt on Twitter.

Happy hunting!

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