Neighbor Runs to Wake Family Asleep During House Fire in Lloydminster

A family in Lloydminster, Canada, was woken by their neighbor after he noticed their home was on fire on Sunday, October 30.

Rachel Santos’s home security video shows Travis Levitsky repeatedly banging on her family home’s front door, waking them up and alerting them to the fire.

Santos told Storyful that she and her husband, Arnold, were fast asleep when they heard Levitsky banging.

“When I woke up, I saw dark smoke already in our window side then I knew it was fire but I thought it was our yard deck,” Santos said.

Santos said she immediately grabbed her two youngest children, aged 6 and 8, and ran out the front door.

Santos’s eldest daughter, Chloe, age 13, was sleeping in the family basement.

Santos said Levitsky re-entered the burning building once he learned there was another person inside.

“My kids were crying and I was screaming for Chloe to get out,” Santos said.

“Travis ran to her right away when he knew that someone still downstairs.”

Local media reported that the fire affected multiple homes on the street, crediting Levitsky for also rescuing the family next door to Santos as well. Credit: Rachel Santos via Storyful

Video transcript







- You guys, wake up please.

Come on you guys. [INAUDIBLE]


Is there anybody--


- Mommy, mommy. [INAUDIBLE]

- Stop, stop