Neglect Gale for too long in Baldur's Gate 3, and you'll receive gaming's saddest resignation letter

 Gale from Baldur's Gate 3 under a veil of moonlight, looking very sad.
Gale from Baldur's Gate 3 under a veil of moonlight, looking very sad.

The Gale slander's been strong. Despite a respectable middle-of-the-pack ranking in our super scientific list, he's still come under fire for a number of reasons. He eats all your magic items, he's too thirsty, he can't Eldritch Blast, he's not 7ft tall and a flaming hot demon wife—the list goes on.

If you're in the Gale-hating crew, this very sad resignation letter might either confirm your decision to sack him in your party's camp, or make you feel a touch of empathy for the poor guy. Turns out if you just ignore him for long enough, he writes you a strongly worded letter and vanishes into the night, as spotted by Reddit user Mookie_Merkk.

It starts out a touch passive aggressive: "Given your reluctance to indulge me in a moment of conversation, I'm left with no choice but to commit these words to paper," but what follows is enough of a bummer to justify its own weeping violin backdrop. Despite your absolute refusal to even look at him, Gale calls your journey "magical", but informs you that his condition is making him a danger to the party.

While I did joke in our ranking about Gale being "The Sword Coast's biggest wife guy", I do have a lot of genuine affection for him. He was a core part of my crew alongside Shadowheart and Karlach, and while I did have to spurn his attempts to make out with me during an admittedly charming magic lesson, he took it well and became one of my best bros.

To see him so thoughtfully and articulately put his heartbreak to pen and paper is genuinely sad—a feeling only outdone by the the hilarious mental image of the world's loneliest wizard trying to squeeze in a word edgewise as you cart around a bunch of magic items that would technically save his life. Dude just wanted some boots to eat, and you couldn't even give him a "how do you do?"

The letter's a testament to Larian's ability to suss out hundreds of outcomes—and the absolute nightmare writing this game's sprawling narrative must've been. They have a special bespoke letter for the tiny contingent of players willing to ignore a big exclamation mark over Gale's head for hours on end. Don't leave your adventuring party on read.