SEREMBAN, Nov 22 (Bernama) -- The Negeri Sembilan State Government today proposed a budget of RM457 million for 2020, an increase of 6.28 per cent or RM27 million compared to RM430 million in the 2019 budget.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun said while presenting the state budget themed, 'Sustaining the Economy and Prospering the People’,  encompassed 16 new initiatives.

The proposed allocation for management covered emoluments (RM180.10 million), services and supplies (RM96.46 million), asset procurement (RM3.99 million), grants and fixed payments (RM171.88 million) and other expenditure (RM4.55 million).

“In line with the theme, the state government is committed to pursuing its development agenda to bridge the development gap among the state’s municipalities and remaining competitive in all sectors of economic growth, be it industrial, agricultural, tourism and services.

“As outlined in our ‘Wawasan Kemakmuran Bersama 2030 (WKB 2030)’, all Malaysians have the right to enjoy inclusive development across religious, racial and ethnic boundaries.

“To this end, the government has proposed a budget of RM101.20 million,” he said at the Third Meeting (Budget) of the Second Term of the 14th State Legislative Assembly here today.

As for the proposed allocation for development, Aminuddin said it covered social development  (RM41.24 million), infrastructure (RM20.87 million), administration (RM11.78 million), agriculture (RM13.29 million), spirituality (RM7.91 million) and tourism (RM6.11 million).

Meanwhile, he said the state government’s revenue as at Nov 21, 2019, stood at RM463.78 million or RM33.78 million higher than the previous year, and the highest revenue ever collected by Negeri Sembilan.

“For the record, the revenue collected in 2018 was RM421.24 million,” he said, adding, a significant increase was respectively recorded from three sources of income, namely, Tax Revenue (RM145.52 million or 98.05 per cent), Non-Tax Revenue (RM250.11 million or 111.11 per cent) and Non-Revenue Receipts (RM68.15 million or 120.65 per cent). 

Aminuddin who is also Sikamat assemblyman expressed confidence that the state's revenue would continue to increase and surpass RM470 million this year.

Overall, he said, non-tax revenue such as premiums, permits, licence registration, investment gains and natural resource royalties remained as major contributors to the state's coffers, with RM242.69 million or 53.11 per cent. 

As for tax revenue for 2020, Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes are expected to contribute RM152.45 million or 33.36 per cent of the total revenue.

Compared to the 2019 budget, he said, the state government's tax revenue is expected to rise by 2.72 per cent from the increase of new holdings, besides earnings of RM61.86 million or 13.54 per cent from non-revenue receipts such as loan repayments, grants and various receipts from the federal government.

The 16 new initiatives further cover TVET empowerment which has been allocated RM10 million, School Maintenance Trust Account (RM1 million), state civil servant medical expenses (RM0.20 million), drones for enforcement (RM0.14 million), Youth Hope Fund (RM0.10 million) and i-Suri (RM0.50 million).

The 14 existing initiatives from last year's budget are also being maintained. 

The state assembly continues on Monday.