Nearly century-old college building in Kharkiv reduced to rubble following Russian attack — photos

An educational institution was damaged as a result of shelling by Russians in Kharkiv
An educational institution was damaged as a result of shelling by Russians in Kharkiv

In the aftermath of the Russian Federation’s recent attack on Kharkiv on Nov. 3, a historic college building, dating back almost a century, has been demolished, Mayor Ihor Terekhov reported on Facebook.

The city witnessed a major power outage in the affected area. Terekhov confirmed there had been severe damage to one of the educational institutions in the city.

Novini.LIVE Kharkiv reported that the educational facility in question was the 100-year-old college of railway transportation.

<span class="copyright">Ihor Terekhov/Facebook</span>
Ihor Terekhov/Facebook
<span class="copyright">Ihor Terekhov/Facebook</span>
Ihor Terekhov/Facebook

Efforts are now underway to dismantle the overhead electrical wire network for electric transport in the part of the city affected by Russian shelling, which will help State Emergency Service personnel clear debris within one of the buildings. Tram services in the area have been temporarily halted.

The mayor also mentioned additional damage resulting from the Russian attack, including damage to a car repair shop and a dormitory housing displaced individuals. Repairs to the roofs of nearby residential buildings have been scheduled.

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In light of the traumatic events, affected individuals have sought medical assistance for psychological support.

Footage shared on Telegram by Novini.LIVE Kharkiv revealed the extent of damage done to the college.

Russia launched a massive assault of kamikaze drones in various Ukrainian regions, prompting air raid sirens to sound across the country on the night of Nov. 2 and the morning of Nov. 3.

Kharkiv and western Ukraine bore the brunt of the attacks, with Kharkiv Oblast enduring approximately ten strikes. Damage was inflicted on educational institutions, a car repair shop, residential buildings, and vehicles. Eight people, including two children, received medical attention for shock.

The Ukrainian military’s General Staff confirmed the successful interception of 24 out of 38 Iranian kamikaze drones and one enemy Kh-59 cruise missile during the night of Nov. 3.

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