Nearly 2 million Australians download coronavirus tracing app

Nearly two million Australians downloaded a coronavirus tracing app within just 16 hours of its release.

Australia has been one of the most successful countries in fighting the pandemic, recording just 83 deaths and 6,700 cases, thanks to border closures, movement restrictions and a stay-at-home policy.

It has lowered the daily infection growth rate to less than 1%, down from the 25% seen in March.

Some Australian states have also begun easing social distancing restrictions.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said at least 40% of the country's 25.7 million people will need to download the app.

Morrison has also enjoyed a surge in popularity during the pandemic, with his approval rating skyrocketing 27 points since the first week of March to 68% according to the most recent Newspoll for The Australian newspaper.

That's the best approval rating for a leader since the end of 2008.