How NBC News’ ‘Stay Tuned’ Cracked the Code to Getting Young People Into News

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Are the keys to appealing to young, would-be news consumers telling them stories about people their age and covering topics that appeal just to them? NBC News’ “Stay Tuned,” the Snapchat Discover show that celebrated its fourth anniversary Monday, bets that it is: A scroll through recent episodes reveals coverage of a suspected poisoning at a music festival, the appeal of Y2K fashion for people too young to remember the 2000s and “cannabis-related degrees” — which are branded “the hot new thing.” After producing 2,500 episodes — more than any other show on the Discover platform — “Stay Tuned” has emerged as one of the most-watched news shows on Snapchat with 10.5 million subscribers. All told, nearly 1 million viewers watch each twice-daily episode, on average, and 91% are under the age of 35. “It’s essential to our success that we really get​ our audience,” executive producer Angela Grande told TheWrap, noting recent stories on going to college or finding a first job. “We do that by meeting them on the platforms they’re on, observing how they interact, paying attention to conversations they’re having, issues they feel personally connected to. Our team focuses on all parts of this generation’s experience —...

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