Celtics show worrying signs in loss to Cavs & Bronny James’ path to the Lakers | Good Word with Goodwill

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Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Vincent Goodwill was in Cleveland last night and has some thoughts on what happened to the Boston Celtics that led to a 23-point comeback win for the Cavaliers.

On this episode of the Good Word with Goodwill, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Vincent Goodwill is joined by Producer John to talk about what happened in the league last night and a lot more.

Producer John is a Dallas Mavericks fan, so Vinnie kicks off the podcast by discussing why the team keeps losing despite strong offensive efforts from both Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

They then switch to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who overcame a 23-point 4th quarter deficit to end the Boston Celtics’ 11-game winning streak. Vinnie isn’t sure if this is more a credit to the Cavaliers or something that the Celtics should be worried about as we head towards the NBA Playoffs.

There’s plenty of rumors about Bronny James as a prospect and which NBA team, if any, would select him in the 2024 NBA Draft. Vinnie and Producer John talk about what makes that difficult and if there’s a path that lands both father and son on the Los Angeles Lakers next year.

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