Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress review 2024

 Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress placed on a natural bedframe in a white bedroom with wooden flooring.
Credit: Naturepedic

Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress review in brief

The Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress is one of six organic beds you can buy from the luxury sleep brand, and the company's second lowest-priced option. That said, we wouldn’t categorize any Naturepedic mattresses as ‘affordable’. It’s a seven-layer luxury hybrid mattresd made with non-toxic materials such as organic cotton, organic wool, GOTS-approved latex and high density microcoils.

The Concerto Pillow Top is plush, comfortable and supportive; after sleeping in it for over three weeks, we rate it as a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Although it’s plush, it’s not quite the same as a memory foam mattress. You sink into the Concerto, but it doesn’t contour to your body leaving an imprint. Instead, it responds quickly and snaps back into form as soon as you get up.

Naturepedic Concerto mattress specs

Type: Hybrid
Materials: Cotton, wool, organic latex foam, microcoils, pocketed coils
Firmness: Plush (5 out of 10 on the firmness scale)
Depth: 11.8" (30cm)
Trial: 100 days
Warranty: 25 years
Price: From $1,699 (Queen $2,799)

We slept on the Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress for three weeks and tested it in all key areas to see if it’s good enough to rival any of the top-rated options in our best mattress of the year guide. At about 155lbs and side sleeping, we noticed that we would awake in the same position we fell asleep, without any soreness on our shoulders or side. This is testament to the softness and pressure relief the mattress provides.

You can test the Concerto Pillow Top  for 100 days before making your final decision, but you can’t send the mattress before the first 30 days (they want you to give it the ol’ college try first). It’s also covered by a limited 25-year warranty, which is much longer than the standard 10-year warranty offered by many companies.

You won’t find many customer reviews across the internet. As we write there were only five on the Naturepedic website, and none on Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, or any other major mattress retailers.

Overall, after sleeping on and testing the Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress we now recommend it as a great mattress for side sleepers seeking a soft, sink-in organic hybrid to keep them cool and free from discomfort during sleep.

Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress review: Materials & design

The corner of the organic NaturePedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress we received for testing
The corner of the organic NaturePedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress we received for testing
  • Eight layer mattress design with foam and micro-coils

  • Soft organic cotton top layer

  • Immediate reforming after laying down

The Naturepedic Concerto is comprised of several different layers. The top layer is a mixture of organic cotton, organic wool batting, and a PLA comfort layer. Naturepedic's use of materials makes a lot of sense. Its organic cotton is USDA certified, grown in the United States, and acts as a healthy alternative to synthetic fabrics that's stretchy and soft to the touch.

The Wool batting is here because of its moisture wicking properties and temperature regulation. PLA, a plant-based, non-toxic, cotton-looking synthetic fiber material, also helps to improve moisture wicking. That's an accomplished top layer.

Below it you'll find organic latex made from the sap of a rubber tree, included to provide pressure relief. Below that are two sets of micro-coils which help with body contouring, motion isolation and support, divided by a layer of organic cotton pillow top encasement (made from the same organic cotton as the topper). For more, take a look at our guide to the best pillow top mattresses and who they do and don't suit.

Below the coils there’s another thin layer of organic cotton batting, all of which is held within an organic cotton fabric encasement.

Unsurprisingly, given all of its layers, the Concerto comes in at a comfortable 13 inches thick. We appreciate the thickness, as some thinner mattresses make you feel like you're much closer to the floor and, depending on your headboard, can leave a gap at the head of your bed. Thickness may be a personal preference but, aesthetically, a deeper mattress simply looks better.

Good credentials here: all of the materials are GOTS Certified, EWG Verified and UL/GreenGard Certified. Essentially, these mattresses meet or exceed the standards set by third-party testers and laboratories that test for harmful chemicals, ingredients, or vapors that could negatively impact you. All of this year’s best organic mattresses boast these official certifications.

Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress review: Price & value

Even though the Naturepedic Concerto mattress is the second most affordable of the company’s mattress offerings, it still falls into the luxury mattress market. Compared to the market as a whole, in fact, it is one of the more expensive latex hybrid mattresses around.

At the time of this writing, you can get a King Naturepedic Concerto for $3,599. For reference, the equivalent size Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress is $1,945 in the monthly Saatva mattress sale, while the Leesa Natural Hybrid Mattress goes for $1,919.

Whether that means this is or isn't good value is pretty subjective. Given that your mattress is something you'll use pretty much every day, and there's no price that can be put on good sleep, the most important thing is whether this will match the way you rest. Read on to find out our thoughts.

Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress review: Comfort & support

A man lying on his side on a mattress
A man lying on his side on a mattress
  • Plush feel with plenty of sink-in

  • Soft, yet supportive

  • Comfortable for back and side sleepers

Admittedly, we were initially worried about the level of support on offer, considering the overt plushness of the Concerto. This reviewer's lower back would certainly reveal if this bed was going to have enough support or not.

On scale from 1-10, we would rate the Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top as a 5 out of 10. We were surprised by how soft the bed felt, and how much it felt like you’d sink into it. To give you an idea of the amount of sink, we placed a 25lb weight in the center of the bed, resulting in a sink of about four inches. For reference, the recently-reviewed Leesa Studio sank only 1.5 inches.

Surprisingly, though, the Concerto snaps back into position with the weight removed, instead of leaving a memory-foam like impression for a couple seconds. That’s thanks to the micro-coils within, that help provide support and responsiveness.

A weight pressing down on the centre of a mattress
A weight pressing down on the centre of a mattress

For reference, your primary tester weighs about 155lbs and is a side sleeper. His co-tester is smaller, and a back sleeper. Neither has felt any back pain or discomfort at all after three weeks of sleeping on the Concerto. It's comfortable enough that your reviewer falls asleep on his side and wakes up in the same position - without any shoulder pain or complaints from the lower back.

That is a testament to the pressure relief and comfort of the Naturepedic Concerto. Both testers find the bed to be soft, comfortable and supportive.

Score: 5 out of 5

Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress review: Performance

  • Neutral heat dissipation

  • Edge support consistent with center of bed

  • Some motion transfer stoppage

We slept on the Naturepedic Concerto mattress for three weeks during the unpredictable weather month of March in northern Utah. Utah has a dry climate; during our testing, the lows were in the 20s to mid 30s on some nights, with highs around 60F.

We used our normal bedding: a mattress cover and comforter (neither of us sleep under the sheet). During the testing, myself, my wife and our 50lb dog occupied the bed every night. Here's how the mattress performed in every area we test according to our mattress methodology:


The bed was delivered to our front door. Naturepedic doesn't offer the option to have the mattress delivered and set up inside of your home, which is a shame. This is a contrast to the likes of the Saatva Classic and the Beautyrest Harmony Lux, both of which includes white glove delivery and removal of all packaging. Naturepedic mattress shipping and returns are is free though – by comparison, Saatva charges a $99 returns or exchange fee.

Since the Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress was dropped off at our door, we had to carry it inside and given that we ordered a king size for testing, it was very heavy to carry up a flight of stairs. Our top tip would be to enlist the help of a family member or friend to carry the mattress in its box to your room, and to help you unbox it and get it unfurled onto your bedframe.

Score: 4 out of 5

Set-up and offgassing

The Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress picture din the cardboard box it arrived in for testing at our reviewer's house
The Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress picture din the cardboard box it arrived in for testing at our reviewer's house

Once the Concerto was on the bed, we unrolled several layers of what seemed like heavy brown construction paper to unveil the mattress, compressed in a layer of plastic. It seemed to be fully expanded only a few minutes after opening it up, and Naturepedic says it's ready to sleep on almost immediately, but will be totally wrinkle free in a few days.

Despite Naturepedic's organic, chemical-free approach, the Concerto does initially smell rather strong, a little like Play-doh. It remained strong for the first two days we slept on the bed. Three weeks in, it had mostly dissipated, but we would still get hints of it from time to time.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

Temperature regulation

Your testers run the gamut, here: your author is a hot sleeper while my wife is a cold sleeper. One goes to bed in a pair of running shorts while the other is in a hoodie and sweats.

The temperature in Northern Utah was all over the place during the three weeks we slept on the mattress, but neither of us complained about the bed getting too hot on days where it was unseasonably warm, or feeling chilly on the nights where the temperature dipped further than usual. We were both comfortable in our normal routine without needing to kick off blankets or add extra layers for warmth.

Score: 5 out of 5

Motion isolation

A weight and travel mug are placed on the Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress to test motion isolation
A weight and travel mug are placed on the Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress to test motion isolation

Motion isolation is a key factor for getting a restful night's sleep. Our dog is known to jump on and off the bed in the middle of the night, and we usually get up at least once a night too.

To test motion transfer, we placed a travel mug on the Naturepedic Concerto and dropped a 25lb weight from varying distances. The weight had to be about a foot away from the mug before the mug stopped falling over. Some other mattresses offer better motion transfer than this, but we noticed much less movement in bed compared to our regular box spring mattress.

Score: 4 out of 5

Edge support

Our reviewer places a black weight on the edge of the Naturepedic Concerto mattress to test edge support
Our reviewer places a black weight on the edge of the Naturepedic Concerto mattress to test edge support

Edge support is important for a variety of reasons. You don’t want to be sleeping on the edge of the bed and have your mattress roll you off onto the floor. Also, when you're getting out of bed in the morning, it's important to have stability underneath you to help you get from a sitting to standing position.

Placing the same 25lb weight on the edge of the Concerto, the results remained consistent with the center sink-in test. It’s good that this mattress doesn't exhibit any additional sink on the edge - while it's plenty plush, it is also responsive. When you go to stand from a sitting position, the Concerto isn’t trying to keep you sucked in.

Score: 4 out of 5

  • Delivered to your front door

  • 100-day free trial

  • 25-year limited warranty

Should you buy the Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress?

There are some big benefits to the Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top mattress. It's supportive, but soft enough to relieve side-sleeping pressure points, and it suits back sleepers too. We therefore recommend it as one of the best hybrid mattresses for couples with different sleep styles but who both enjoy softer, pressure relieving organic mattresses.

We found the Naturepedic Concerto to be plush enough to help you get to enjoy the feeling of sinking into your mattress slightly, without feeling swallowed alive. The organic materials provide peace of mind and contribute to the mattress's excellent build quality and durability.

If you love firm mattresses, don't choose the Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top, despite its high comfort levels. And if you need a mattress that comes with free installation, look elsewhere to the Saatva Classic (from $1,195 at Saatva) or the Stears & Foster Estate (from $2,299 at Stearns & Foster).

Yes it's expensive – a queen size Naturepedic Concerto Pillow Top costs much more than many rival organic and natural mattresses such as the Birch Natural Organic Mattress ($1,405 for a queen at Birch Living) and Avocado Green Mattress ($1,699 for a queen at Avocado Mattress) – but overall we feel this is a great organic mattress with plenty of pressure relief and full body comfort.

Naturepedic offers a 100-day trial period and a 25-year limited warranty on the bed. The 100-day trial period is industry standard, but the warranty is quite long compared to the standard 10-year warranty. Returns are free, but you can’t return a mattress before 30 days after purchase.