Naturalist Has Close Encounter With Herd of Elephants Crossing the Road in India

A naturalist in India’s Uttarakhand State nearly got too close for comfort to a herd of elephants crossing a road in Jim Corbett National Park on February 20.

Sunando Sen was driving to a market with his wife when he spotted the giant mammals approaching the forest road. He slammed his car into reverse to avoid the creatures.

“We knew that the elephants would come up to cross the road and they wouldn’t be happy if there were vehicles blocking their path — especially since they had a small calf,” Sen told Storyful.

“So we quickly got the vehicles moving and a big gap created for the elephants to cross,” he said, adding that the elephants were eventually able to pass freely between his transport and tourist vehicles ahead.

Sen told Storyful that his fondness for wildlife is responsible for his living in the region. “Being passionate wildlife lovers, my wife and I moved from Delhi to living outside Corbett National Park a few years ago,” he said. “We frequently have encounters with wildlife of all kinds.” Credit: Sunando Sen via Storyful

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